What is a “refillery”?

What is a “refillery”?

A “refillery” is a store that is designed to reduce single-use plastic consumption by giving us the option to refill products in reusable containers. 

Sometimes when I’m defining what something is, I find it can be equally important to know what something is not. A refillery is not wasteful. 

That’s why we reuse, recycle and refill containers! 

A refillery is not harmful to the environment. 

Most single-use plastics take between 50 - 80 years to break down. That’s just about an entire lifetime. 

If we continue using single-use plastic containers (which is more than 50% of all plastic containers used for consumer products) at the rate we’re going, by 2050 our oceans will have more single-use plastic waste in them than fish.

A refillery is not hard on your wallet. 

You’d be surprised at just how much you’re paying for the container that your products come in. Here you’ll only pay for the weight of your product. 

And this refillery is not far away. 

Your local refillery will be inside the Florida Makers Mercantile in Brooksville.

What products can be refilled at Florida Makers Mercantile’s refillery?

We offer our customers a variety of products, ranging from hair care, skin care, cleansing products and household products. We even have products that cater to babies. We have organic products and locally made products from our amazing local makers! We have plenty of options and lots to choose from!

Where can I get refillable containers?

Florida Makers Mercantile will have various containers available for purchase: ranging from 4oz -32oz jars and bottles, lids and pumps, all designed to best suit your refillable products and containers or you can bring your own from home.
We recommend glass containers or reusable plastics, which are #2, #4 & #5. (Look at the bottom of your plastic containers - there is a triangle with a number inside. This indicates the type of plastic used.)

How does the refilling process work? 

  1. When you need a refill, or make the decision to begin using a refillable, reusable option, head on over to Florida Makers Mercantile. 
  2. Let a staff member know that you’re here for the refillery. 
  3. A staff member will weigh your container, either the new container that you’ve chosen or one that you’re bringing from home, in its current state.
    ***If you’re bringing a container in from home, please be sure that it’s clean, undamaged and sealable. And don’t worry about making sure it’s 100% empty. We will use the “tare” function on our scale, which will set the weight of your container, as is, to equal “zero”. 
  4. Choose your product and refill. 
  5. If you choose, Florida Makers Mercantile will have disposable labels and dissolvable labels  (seriously, they dissolve completely in water without residue) for labeling your product.
  6. Re-weigh, check out and feel amazing, because you just made a big contribution to preserving our environment! 

Florida Makers Mercantile is mindful of health concerns, especially surrounding the pandemic, so we will have alcohol pads and sanitizing wipes  available to clean dispensing spouts, lids and containers prior to refilling. 

To help make refilling easier, we will have funnels available and that will be cleaned between each use. 

Staff will also be available to assist with refilling. 

At Florida Makers Mercantile, and as local residents of Brooksville, we want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We truly believe in this waste-free environmentally friendly concept. We hope that you’ll join us in this noble effort!


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